Kay Elmsley Weeden, storyteller

Children’s Concert!

Sun & Moon: A Tall Tale of Friendship

August 5th at 10am and 12pm

Christ Lutheran Church (atrium), 700 Co Rd B, Stoughton WI

A story about finding friendship amidst an eclipse. Kay Weeden will tell the story in a mixture of Spanish and English alongside three Stoughton Chamber Music Festival musicians. This time the kids will help Micah Behr compose the music as part of the experience!!

The entire score is by Micah Behr with an original song to end the show with guest singer Keera Sytsma!

Join us for a free event at the magnificent Grand Inspired! We will preview some music as well as discuss the ideas behind the MOON & SUN theme.

We are looking for a few people to read poetry! If you enjoy such a thing and would like to share a poem that pertains to the theme of Moon and Sun (or night and day), please email Madlen at [email protected]


August 11th at 7:30PM at the Stoughton Opera House

LIVESTREAM option for August 11th date only

August 12th at 4:00PM at the Stoughton Opera House

Sitting in a half-moon, we present MOON, a one-hour length concert experience following the trajectory of the moon and featuring Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht reimagined to include the Clarinet amidst short works that evoke the night. The program begins and ends with a complimentary set of two original works by Micah Behr, beginning with the setting of the sun and ending with a sunrise.

  • Setting …..Micah Behr
  • At the Octoroon Balls, Mvt II …..Wynton Marsalis
  • Plan & Elevation, III …..Caroline Shaw
  • Soirees Musicales, Op 6 no2 Nocturne in F Major …..Clara Schumann
  • Verklärte Nacht/ Transfigured Night …..Arnold Schoenberg
  • Autumn Moon on a Calm Lake …..Lü Wencheng
  • Recomposed: Vivaldi, the Four Seasons: Spring II …..Max Richter
  • Breaking …..Micah Behr


August 20th at 3:00PM at the Chorus Public House

August 21st at 7:00PM at the Chorus Public House

With the ensemble sitting in a circle in the center of the room, we present SUN, a one-hour program following the path of the sun featuring Chris Rogersons Thirty-Thousand Days for clarinet quintet amidst a quick succession of short and bright works. Mirroring MOON, this program will begin and end with the complimentary set of two new works by Micah Behr, beginning with the rising of the sun and ending with a sunset.

  • Breaking …..Micah Behr
  • Le Chant Des Oiseaux …..Janequin arr. Micah Behr
  • Thirty Thousand Days: …..Chris Rogerson
  • Concerto for Strings in A Major RV159: I …..Antonio Vivaldi
  • Badinerie …..Arcangelo Corelli
  • String quartet in G minor, op 10: II …..Claude Debussy
  • At the Octoroon Balls: VII …..Wynton Marsalis
  • The Sun …..Shasta Ellenbogen
  • Concerto for Strings in F Major, RV 138: II …..Antonio Vivaldi
  • Thirty Thousand Days: II …..Chris Rogerson
  • Gigue …..Arcangelo Corelli
  • Summerland …..William Grant Still
  • Thirty Thousand Days: III …..Chris Rogerson
  • Setting …..Micah Behr
Artwork by Brad Cherwin